Friday, 22 June 2018


The thing about carpets is that there's only so long that they can look perfect for, as even the tiniest of spills and minimal amounts of dirt could easily build up- leaving rugs looking drab. Professional carpet cleaning can reestablish carpets to some degree, but over time, carpets can become worn beyond repair.

The fact that carpets can have very restricted longevity is very likely to be one reason supporting the unbelievable popularity of hardwood flooring.

There are several varieties of hardwood flooring out there which are really durable and which can go the distance- Oak, walnut, ash and Jarrah to name but a few.

With only a mean amount of attention, fantastic quality hardwood floors can endure for years, and unlike carpets, which have to be thrown out when they are past their best, hardwood flooring can simply be renovated.

Flooring professionals can renovate hardwood flooring professionally, fast and cost-efficiently- and an extremely experienced professional can guarantee that it appears equally as great as the day it was first fitted.

Thus, if you're searching for flooring which may extend the distance and that won't let you down after a few short decades, take a look at hardwood flooring.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Happy Employees Makes For Happy Clients!

Floor Sanding Fulham is a family owned and company that was set in 1996. We're pleased with our employees and treat them as family.  Happy workers produce happy customers! Call Floor Sanding Fulham For all of your flooring needs in 020 3369 4980 .

Monday, 23 April 2018

Choosing the right kind of flooring for your child’s bedroom

Everybody wants the best for their children, and the sort of materials that you have in your child's room will inevitably have an impact on their surroundings.

Choosing the right sort of flooring for your kid's bedroom therefore will not simply make you feel more happy, but it will also help offer a fun, loving, and secure setting for your child's development.

Experts in the Area of flooring and home d├ęcor, we could help you decide on what's Ideal for your child and your home, so let's take a look at what's on offer:

Engineered flooring

There's no doubt that as your children grow, the amount of scuffs and bumps appearing around your house will inevitably grow.

For this reason, it's always best to lay a floor that's resilient to a whole plethora of creative scrapes and knocks.

Engineered wood flooring isn't just one of the most attractive and wide-ranging kinds of floors that you could buy, but it is also among the most hard wearing.

Able to survive throughout childhood, it is suited to your new born baby as much because it's a teenager.

In addition, we have a gorgeous variety of thick, comforting rugs available in our store for those looking for something somewhat comforting beneath their toes.

Laminate flooring

A type of flooring that offers the beauty and rich look of wood, laminate flooring is popular for children's bedrooms throughout the nation.

An excellent choice for anyone looking to design an area with allergies in mind, laminate floors is easy to sweep and clean, which means that it is quite difficult for dirt, pollen, and animal dander to collect.

Somewhat thicker than engineered floors, laminate flooring are also amazingly hardy, meaning they can take anything that a child could throw at them.

Should you happen to have an accident which renders an unfortunate mark, they're pretty easy to fix. Call our experts for more information!

Luxury vinyl tiles

Like laminate floors, luxury vinyl tiles are also 100% waterproof and are amazingly resistant to both stains and scratches.

Offering a nice selection of styles and designs from a number of the most reliable brands in the nation, it is rare that you will not be able to find a luxury vinyl tile to your youngster's bedroom.

Luxurious vinyl tiles can also be perfect for people on a budget, or for families that need to rapidly replace their youngster's floor.

Some luxury vinyl tiles come with specialised click systems, which means that they are both easy to build, and require very little preparation work.

Like all the flooring already mentioned, luxury vinyl tiles are also quite simple to clean and promote hypoallergenic surroundings thanks to their sleek and durable surfaces.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

How long does it take?

The length of time depends on the details of the project (i.e. how many coats of poly, if you choose an oil based poly or water based poly, -Check out our blog about the pros and cons of water vs. oil-, if you’re doing a stain vs. keeping it natural, square footage, etc.)

From start to finish (not necessarily including drying times) the sanding and refinishing can take 4-7days.

Usually, the first day is designated to prepping and sanding the floors. We sand off all the old finish down to the raw hardwood. This is a multistep process to ensure the best possible outcome. Different sanding machines are used, each having its own important purpose and contribution to the whole sanding process. It’s meticulously done in steps, or layers; starting with big machines and course grit paper, and gradually working our way to hand sanding using a finer grit paper. Each step is important and is done with care.

On the second day, if you chose to stain your hardwood floors, this is when the stain is applied. However, if you chose the option of “water-popping” your floor, that will be done just before the staining. If you are keeping the floors natural; the water pop and staining steps are replaced by applying the first coat of poly.

On the third day, the first coat of poly will be applied onto the stained hardwood. However, if keeping the floors natural, (and assuming the climate and temperature is in our favor) this would be the day we apply the second coat of poly on the hardwood.

On the fourth day, we will screen, wipe the floors down with mineral spirits and apply the second coat so long as the first coat of poly is dry. It’s not uncommon in humid climates for the poly to take longer than 24 hours to dry. If keeping the hardwood floors a natural finish, this would be the last day for the process as this is when the final coat of poly is applied.

As a general rule- 24 hours is more than sufficient drying times for oil based polyurethane.

On the fifth day, we screen, wipe the floors down with mineral spirits and apply the last coat of poly.

It is best to wait 24 hours from the last coat of poly to walk on the floors with socks. After 48 hours, you can walk on the floors with shoes. However, you need to wait 4 full days to put furniture on the newly refinished hardwood floors.

In short, the sanding and refinishing process can usually take 4-7 days from start to finish. There are variables that affect how long the process will take. For example, a natural finish is usually a faster option because you are not adding a day staining the floor. Depending on square footage, we can sand, water pop and stain the floors on day one.

It’s always best to prepare for more time than less.

Can we walk on the floors during the process?

No. When sanding and refinishing, the floors cannot be used or walked on. When applied, the stain and polyurethane are wet. Each coat needs at least 24 hours to dry, in humid climates more time may be needed.

How long after the last coat of poly can we start using the floors?

After the last coat of poly has been applied you can walk on the floors with socks after 24 hours. To walk on the floors with shoes you have to wait at least 48 hours. To put furniture on the floors, it is best to wait 4 full days.

What if I already moved in/live in the home?

This is a bit tricky but not impossible. It just takes some coordination and maneuverability. First, we would need to figure out if there is a way for you to stay in the home while this is being done-although this isn’t completely recommended as the smell of both oil base poly and stain can be overwhelming. Second is to determine what will be done with the furniture. In cases where the homeowner has already moved in with furniture, we have to sand in 2 phases to accommodate for the furniture storage. For example, we can sand and refinish the living room entryway and den. Then phase two is the dining room and kitchen.

How long should the pets stay off the floor?

We recommend keeping the pets off the floors for at least 2 weeks.

Should we paint before OR after you sand and refinish the hardwood?

Some companies say it’s best to sand the floors and then paint. However, our honest opinion is to paint walls and cabinets first. Have the floors sanded and refinished and then have the kick plates (kick plates are the finished pieces under the cabinets) either installed or painted along with the base and shoe molding.

How long does the newly sanded and refinished floor usually last?

This is entirely dependent on the care of the floors. However, as a general rule, it’s best to have the
floors screened and recoated every 5-7 years.

How much dust will there be?

Here at Floor Sanding Fulham, we strive to keep the dust to a complete minimum. We use a system that drastically reduces the amount of dust released by the machines. Many of our customers compliment just how clean and careful we are with the dust. While even the dustless containment system isn’t 100% dust free, it will reduce the amount of dust left behind by about 85-90%.

Is there a smell?

Yes there is a smell. While the severity of the smell is a matter of perspective- we typically recommend staying out of the house while the sanding and refinishing process is taking place.

Feel free to call  020 3369 4980 to set up an in-home consultation for your Sanding and Refinishing needs in Fulham and the surrounding counties.