Tuesday, 8 June 2021


Exotic wood flooring remains a popular option for homeowners, and Tigerwood flooring is one of the most sought after styles for South American exotic woods. Tigerwood presents dramatic color and superb durability, ideal for creating a statement.

What other benefits can you expect from the popular wood species? And why should you choose Tigerwood over other timber types available?

Benefits of Tigerwood Flooring

That is also a whole lot more manageable than the botanical name - Astronium fraxinifolium.

This wood is even-grained and fairly consistent, growing strong and straight in South American soil. Often exported in Brazil, Tigerwood can also come in Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

Tigerwood provides a dramatic look to any ground, with rich apples and pears setting off other colors in the room. Give your home a custom look with this exotic wood floor, therefore markedly different than the normal oak and walnut offerings. Be aware that this wood darkens when subjected to sunlight, and the colour variance will mellow over time. This phenomenon isn't uncommon for particular South American exotics.

Harder than Hickory, Tigerwood includes a premium price tag and is available in long lengths.

As an additional bonus, this type of wood is extremely resistant to pest infestation, particularly beetles. Many exotic wood imports offer similar benefits, thanks to the climate and growing conditions of this indigenous Central and South American land.

How To Care For Tigerwood Flooring

Much like most of hardwood floors, Brazilian Koa ought to be well cared for so as to maximize appearance and durability. Normal vacuuming removes little debris and grime which could mark the timber finish. Tigerwood is hard wearing, which makes it an perfect selection for high traffic areas like halls and living rooms. However, much like genuine wood flooring, it is important to wash up spills immediately to conserve the ground.

Many folks would rather set up light-filtering sheers and window treatments, to be able to cut the darkening that happens with this exotic wood.

Setup Tips

Carbon-tipped saw blades are needed to operate with this type of wood, meaning your typical household tools might not fit the bill for this type of hardwood floor installation.

Consult your flooring dealer about any special tools required for the installation of Tigerwood flooring when handling the question your self or hire a pro with experience working with exotic wood species. The attractive coloring and hard wearing strength make this an superb choice for modern homes, and with the appropriate care, you can anticipate Tigerwood Brazilian Koa flooring to look amazing for years.

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Friday, 29 January 2021

Smoked Oak Engineered Flooring for a Cozy Atmosphere

Smoking timber is a age-old tradition that has been used to conserve timber because the beginning of the 20th century. Flooring and furnishings of the age commonly possess a smoked walnut finish. Smoked walnut engineered floor is a modern day improvement of the original idea and attracts all of the beauty and allure of the age-old heritage bang current.

Combining the fantastic appearances of century-old flooring including all the benefits that smoked oak engineered flooring offers genuinely leads to the very best of both worlds for a person who's searching for something only a tiny bit different. In this guide, we wish to share quite a few smoked oak choices that we believe you will like as much as we all can.

Bright and mild

Though smoking timber will make it darker, in the case of this Select Engineered Oak flooring that's Dark Smoked and White UV oiled it is its lightness that makes it simply magnificent. A floor that has been smoked but subsequently white UV oiled, you receive a magical mix of the dark undertones and the white fore, which makes for a very interesting finish. This style of flooring works really well in casual settings and has the fantastic benefit of being suited for installation throughout the whole home -- even where you have under floor heating.

Natural and neutral

This Select Engineered Oak flooring that's Click system, Dark Smoked, Brushed and UV oiled is everything you would expect an oak floor to be. It's a genuine classic but with all the convenience of modern engineered floors. In reality, its surface is indeed interesting, it makes you want to reach down and touch it. Add to this, the simple fact that this flooring is click program, so it is ever so easy to install and you soon see why this solution is such a major hit with so many of our customers.

Rich, honey color

And lastly, if you are on the lookout for something quite different, then this prime engineered oak herringbone flooring is for you. It has been painted and then brushed and white lacquered which signifies the contrast between light and dark is really apparent and appealing. When you add this magnificent finish to the herringbone layout, what you wind up with is a flooring that'll be the envy of your friends and family. When you match this floor, you are introducing an age old tradition into your home, both with respect to the smoking of this floor along with the parquet styling. Yet, once again, you have all of the fantastic benefits that engineered flooring brings.

So as you can see, if you are in the market for smoked oak engineered floors, there is plenty of selection. The only real limitation to what you may attain is your imagination. But in Wood and Beyond, we could help you make the most of that also. We have seen each one of these flooring work in a whole host of different configurations, so we can help you with ideas which are only a bit different, that you mayn't have thought about yourself. All you have to do is get in touch and let's get to work on a variety of thoughts for you.