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Hardwood is one of the earliest and most reliable flooring materials. When correctly installed and maintained, hardwood floors will last over a century as a matter of fact there are plenty of buildings today whose floors were installed at the early 20th century and are still exquisite. But in order for your flooring to last that long and still maintain its flair and luster, there are quite a few variables that have to be thought about out of purchase, setup, and maintenance of your hardwood floors.

Enhancing the Lifespan of your Hardwood Floors

Ideally, you want to take into consideration these factors when installing hardwood flooring:

Board width

Some types of end are covered by the manufacturer for 10, 20, or even 50 years; nonetheless with superior solid hardwood and quality finish that you can expect a much longer lifespan.


Poor installation can cause damage to the wood, decreasing its projected lifespan. To stop this, it is advised that homeowners call in an expert hardwood flooring contractor who will follow all the instructions issued by the manufacturer. Low excellent installation may also invalidate the existing warranty.

Bear in mind the condition or application of this space before doing setup.


One advantage of hardwood flooring installation is that it requires little maintenance. Periodic maintenance preserves the wood's appearance and extends its lifetime significantly. There are two chief elements that cause harm to hardwood flooring:

  • Light: Use drapes or other methods to stop exposure to sunlight.
  • Humidity: Extreme changes in humidity may also damage your flooring; also as water when left standing on the floor.

Wood is sensitive to fluctuations in the natural surroundings and as such ought to be held from undergoing random changes in warmth, moisture levels, and sun. With minimal disruption, it can last long without showing signs of aging.

Pointers to Help care for your hardwood floor:

  • Wipe up water spills quickly
  • Block out rain water and moisture during the wet season
  • Vacuum the floor on a weekly basis
  • Use a no-wax cleaner to remove any residue from the Ground
  • Don't get furniture polish or hairspray in your flooring
  • Use area rugs and door mats in high-traffic areas

Use the right tools for maintenance and cleaning to make the job easier and to get a lasting effect. Occasional hardwood flooring refinishing ensures that your flooring maintains its original shine and covers unsightly dents. The more effort you put towards maintaining your floor, the better it seems and the longer it lasts.

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